special offers, what i doamy

burr, baby it's cold outside

special offers, what i doamy

'tis cold outsideHolidayinHelle that did not stop me from taking a walk to the bank. what a pleasantly brisk workout.

so Thursday Helle is doing a thing. It is a party thing and we'd like to invite you in from the cold, offer you a warm drink and say "Hi"

we will be selling gift certificates and locally made things from some of our amazing clients.

the best part... you get a take-away present. we don't care if you have been naughty or nice. (honestly we are de-cluttering the shop and things must leave so we thought we'd give them to you :D)

the cool thing with the presents is even if you don't want one you should still come get one cause inside may be a golden ticket (yes we love willy wonka) and that golden ticket gets you and three friends in for a night of bliss at Helle. we cater, we pamper, we generally make it so you never want to leave.

you should come. you'll have fun!

and you could win other fun thing besides the takeover at Helle.

so, once more with feeling...

when: thursday 4-8pm

where: Helle 5701c Airport Way South in Georgetown

why: cuz it's cold outside and you get presents!