ahhh the paradox

excerpt from marc lesser's blog

"A paradox is something that appears to be contradictory, unbelievable, or absurd but may in fact be true. Do less. Accomplish more. These statements present a paradox. Acknowledging, owning, and embracing the paradoxical nature of our lives, the lives of others, and the world can lessen our resistance to change and increase our effectiveness. At its most basic it makes us less tense and more open to happiness....

Sometimes we get caught up trying to resolve internal contradictions, thinking that if we can, we will solve our busyness. Instead, this effort can itself become the cause of our busyness and our scrambled bewilderment. Our complex minds, emotions, and personality traits are simply a rather wonderful fact of human existence. Accepting that can lighten and expand our self-image, making it more fluid. In a strange way it is a more accurate view of life. Embrace paradox and you increase self-acceptance, tolerance of others, and your own possibilities.

How would you describe yourself as a paradox?
How would you describe your life or work as a paradox?"

  • i am shy and yet i thrive in public speaking
  • i believe in the abundance of the universe and yet i cling to things and money
  • i nurture people for a living and have a hard time receiving when others nurture me
  • i am very intelligent and yet often mumble and don't answer simple questions
  • i love being around people i hate being in groups larger than 4
  • i dance with abandon with people under 5 yrs old around, i don't dance with adults
  • my work is an evolution of who and where i am and yet i have to "define it" for marketing