what really is important


journal entry 9/20/07
What a funny thing this amazing life. We are so concerned with things that matter so little to our continued existence on this planet. If there was one thing I could impart it would be the immanency with which we must act in order to survive. There is so little time and so much to do.

i found this in my purging that began my month of writing. some days i connect and touch what feels like great truth. and some days just are there checking items off the to-do list.

today feels like a little bit of both.

i am trying desperately to remember that my personal development is way more important than what's apparently happening in this crazy world. there will always be some super virus out to kill us, money will still be a challenge for many, hearts will be broken.

the earth, like us, is trying to find balance and its perfect expression. therefore, we will either learn to live in harmony with each other or life will be precarious. it always has been a matter of life or death, why should anything have changed just cause we got smarter, greater in number and spread out. the earth has had just as much time to adapt and find new ways to keep us in balance.

so live. and live well. cause that is what truly matters.