ebook, tarotamy

coming soon!

ebook, tarotamy

an ebook on tarot! now you can learn tarot in the comfort of your own home.

with me! who is probably one of the most bizarre tarot readers out there. but i require you memorize nothing and still have amazing results. and i am really fun. and i make you do really fun things and possibly turn your world upside down, making you look at life in a whole new way.

the introduction to tarot will be an ebook, around 35 pages with lots of exercises and some audio tracts!

i am searching for a name for the book.... and an editor type person, and a layout person to make things pretty. does anyone know anyone who knows anyone else who does this? (i think i love that last sentence)

also coming soon is my new website! it should be up by the 15th and i am so excited! literally it is days and days of dancing in my seat thinking ahhh! this is gonna be great! pretty shiny new barefoot phoenix [*twirls*]