Escaping the heat

this is my leg post kayaking adventure. I did not wear a spray skirt on the way over due to the heat. i also forgot to lather my inner thigh with sunscreen. ooops!

one week later i still have this wonky shaped burn on one leg. it seems to be here to stay awhile. bizarre.

escaping to Blake island during the INTENSE heat of last week was a very good thing. there we were sitting at our picnic table, cool breeze sipping tea and listening to the radio chirp out 99 degrees at Sea-Tac. this was at 8pm. OMG! YUCK!

we were laughing at the fact that we were 6 miles away, could plainly see Seattle and the planes coming and going from Sea-Tac and we were almost too cool. it's amazing what a large body of 50 degree water can do to coll a place down.

other than the burn the trip was delightful, lots of walking, and reading and eating and napping. also communing with the deer who came every afternoon to our campsite for their snack of laurel leaves. and raccoons who came every evening and tried desperately to find some oversight in our raccoon proofing of the camp. foiled again you pesky varmint!

i am so ready for a nice cool rain.

i adore the sun, but i miss the clouds and the variety in my days. too much of a good thing can really be too much. i know i won't be able to remember or savor these days when in December i am lamenting the lack of sun and the excessive rain and clouds so please can i exchange a bit of this sun for some of Decembers rain and forward this brightness into a cool sunny December day?