i think i might be insane

i am up in the middle of the night writing a manifesto on how i am going to help change the world by creating art.

it will be a three year project in which i work to meet goals, create art, and donate thousands of dollars to charities.

it requires the creation of 2012 pieces of original art each year until October 31st 2012. that's 5.5 pieces of art a day for three years. that's a total of 6036 pieces of original art.

and the idea is to sell them all to raise money for charities (and to help support the therapy i shall need from the nervous breakdown of epic proportions.)

but it's real.
and it makes me feel.
and it keeps me up until 4 am making manifestos on how to do it all.
and i want to succeed in it, like i have never wanted to succeed at anything else.
so how can i ignore it?

the problem... well for starters i have never sold a piece of art in my life. and oh so many many more i can't even begin to list.

this is epic... and possibly impossible and yet it would certain throw me face first into a whole ton of my stuck. the question is do i do it or do i stay safe and small and in the comfort zone?

let's find out... check back here for crickets chirping or plans