so i was hanging out at the kitchen table today, which is my virtual support system via Havi and Selma, when

um a little help here

BAM! i got a hit of clarity.

one of the participants posted about there being a distinct lack of second acts, and it got my head spinning.

see i am a second act junkie. i love the sticky, horribleness of flailing. the trauma and uncertainty of chaos, and the moment when it all clicks and you swim your way out of the swamp or defeat evil with your pinkie and a cup of tea. it hooks me.

this got me thinking about my work. about how i approach you, the client, and i realized i need to be more open about this aspect of my work. see the majority of people are looking to skip the second act, or to have someone dive in ans save them from the yuck. but me i want to teach you how to swim, how to embrace the desperation, discomfort and disconnection. and when you learn to swim, i want to teach you how to play in the oozy, disgusting crap that is your life.

because if you can play, despite the fact you are swimming in shit, well honey, you can get anywhere, and do anything.

and the empowerment, it's HUGE! there is nothing like stepping out of the quagmire under your own power. yes it's nice to have help, and others to hand you a towel when you are so encrusted in mud you can no longer see. but figuring it all out and taking the steps you need to take, in the direction that you need to go. that's amazing. and powerful. and life altering, and i don't want to take that away from you.

so i understand why some people have a hard time working with me, and i realize this is a very good thing. not everyone wants to swim with the fishes, and i'm likely to throw you in the pond (or more likely point out that you already are in the pond), and then direct you to your innate abilities that will get you out of the mess..

i'm kinda scary... and i think i need to be a bit more scary... and i really, really love it!

so hang in there. like this wee little frog hanging on, there are so many ways this could play out.. and only a few of them are bad, many of them could be fun...