dusting off the blog

whoa! it has been too long my friends and my blog has gathered a wee bit o dust.

i have been trying to think of something brilliant to say and have finally come up with a recent personal story that pertains to my work/life/ability to function balance.

that story is all about water.

and it's amazingness and how unamazing it is to not have enough of it.

so it's the 4th of july here in seattle. i'm helping a friend at a wedding. it's 80 degrees. it's downtown on the waterfront on the roof.

i know all this cause i was there the day before helping out.

so event day... drank lots cause knew in the stress of events water is hard to stop for.

what none of us expected was for vendor dude with mandap (this was an Indian wedding and i am not sure i spelled that right) to be 1.5 hours late. which meant extra time in sun trying to do everything before he came then do it all when he finally arrived then sit through long wedding then take down decor.

i think i sweat out 3 gallons of water.

so sunday i'm sore and weird like my body hurts like i have the flu. hot and cold are all off. i'm going to the bathroom all the time.

i honestly didn't really think anything was wrong until i had to drive to bothell. then i knew i was very very wrong and should most definitely not be driving this vehicle but what to do now.

but i made it there and i made it back home.

then i drank tea, and sparkling mineral water and water and had chicken soup and proceeded to try and reconstitute my severely dehydrated cells.

today is much, much better but still a bit of wonky and still an excess of bathroom breaks. (which is confusing as to why your body would flush liquid when it needs it but it has something to do with salt (electrolyte) mineral balance and your bodies toxicity-if you know this stuff i'd love to have it explained)

water is key. stay hydrated my friends because summer is no fun when you feel wonky.

water is life.