one step at a time


October has been a seriously intense month. I'm not sure if it the change of seasons or Mercury in retrograde but things have been shifting in very interesting ways. Here are some examples:

Clients not showing up for appointments, or driving to appointments knowing they were supposed to start 30 minutes ago, my favorite is booking an appointment for myself and showing up to a locked door, apparently she thought the appointment was for the following week. It's hilarious when you step away from the confusion of it.

Tarot Party at Jillian's. What a delightful event. I was so nervous, being that it is a pool hall and tends to be noisy but they had a private room and I got there early and picked the quietest corner. There was a line to see me people. A line. It made my little heart so delighted to laugh and delight with these people while giving them a wee bit of help and clarity. Look for Tarot Party link coming soon on the website!

And finally the big! big! big! change. I am investing a significant sum (well to me it's significant in reality it's a really nice vacation) to create this thing that I do into a real life business. Yep, I have finally decided that I need tried and true professional guidance to move me from a very small floundering business to a way to sustain myself. I've decided I don't want to eat beans forever and I don't want to go to the corporate world so it's time to sign on with the pros.

Any new changes in your life?

Remember tis the season to dance with a falling leaf, enjoy!