saying YES by saying NO

These past few weeks have been a little manic. I am finishing up one job and trying to recover momentum in my reflexology practice while building the awareness that I do tarot reading.

In the midst of all the commitments and housework and gardening I ran across something that made my head spin and my body perk up and pay attention.

I saw an activity in that requires you to say No to every invitation you receive for the next two days. This is to get you into the practice of artfully being able to say no. I believe the reason you have to say no to everything at first is so you can begin to pause before answering and from the pause decide if the activity is of interest.

From this pause and momentary check in with body and breath you can begin to truly say YES to life and the opportunities that really resonate with you.

so let's practice:

Hey do you have a minute? No, I'm really busy right now please send me an email or voice mail
Do you want to....? No, right now I'm a it overwhelmed but what about in a few days
Can you....? I'd like to but I am crunched for time can you email it so I can look at it later or go ask so-in-so

See you can be courteous while saying no. It is great practice, and you don't have to miss out on any opportunities just ask them to get you the details and make the decision later. Our instant reaction is often YES when faced with a request. We are by nature wanting to ease other peoples burdens and help out, often to the detriment of ourselves. This leads to mis-directed anger and resentment. Stop playing the victim and learn to say No first, then gather details and make an informed decision after.

Remember your body NEVER lies. Listen to it so you can say YES with lightness and strength. I have noticed a huge increase in my energy from playing with this activity, I hope you do too. And feel free to use me as a sounding board, I'd love to hear you say NO :D