New Moon

October has flown by in a whirl wind of amazing and interesting adventures. Let's start over and get some focus... we love you New Moon! The circle starts this coming Tuesday! Oct 28th, we gather in my living room and magic will happens. 6-9pm! call or email for directions...

Here are some of the intentions behind the circle:

Community- a place when we can let down our masks and practice being our authentic selves- yes that does mean you get to come and be grumpy, there is no need to pretend you are anything but what and where you are.

Ritual- bringing the sacred back into daily living. A place where ritual does not come with a rule book and you get to do things your own way. Including doing something totally different from the rest of the group.

Creation- a monthly gathering to celebrate the successes and renew the intentions and desires you want to attract to you. You are a master manifestor, get some help making it so.

Self Care- a place to gather and learn teachings to care for the self. 3 hours of renewal for you- monthly. Don't you feel better already?

Gratitude- being thankful for this time, a place to laugh people to laugh with, a place to cry and a place to share triumphs and seek help and support when extra attention or physical help is needed.

The first month you attend you are our guest. Please introduce yourself and explore the circle. Each month varies so be open to really connecting to the people, not the activity.

After your first session the circle is $15 a month, cash or checks are welcome.

Magic happens when small groups gather with the soul intention of expanding their soul. Blessings and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Can't come in October?