local shout out to relaxation


Ritzy Ryciak wrote in the latest Conscious Choice Magazine... "If every one of us got a weekly massage, the world would be a better place... left to my own here-there-everywhere devices, I let sweet, sweet massages fall by the wayside.
Which is a pity, really. Because, if I am honest with myself, I have to admit that modalities like massage-practices where you receive the power of touch and are forced to slow down-not only relax me, they clarify my thinking, make me feel more grounded and put me in closer contact with what my true needs vs. wants are...."

Thank you Ricky for that shout out!

Just another validation that some form of bodywork, can actually change the dynamics of your life. It is an investment in your health, mental/physical/emotional and can actually improve your focus, your ability to act and re-act and can cause you to be able to find solutions to problems quicker. Which in the end will actually save your time, money and stress.

This includes reflexology, massage, energywork, reiki, NIA, yoga, tai chi, qi gong... anything that makes you slow down, breathe deeper, connect with your amazing body and just BE.