Missing Organs


That title reminds me of a Monte Python skit...

While wandering around a natural health blog I found a reflexology question on organs. Specifically what does it mean reflexively when an organ has been removed. In the five years I have been practicing I have had many clients with missing gall bladders, appendix, tonsils, ovaries and/ or uterus, kidney, and spleen. I all the cases I found tough tissue at the reflexive space, hinting at scar tissue and a vacant energy field.

In the world view I inhabit the energy of the organ is still there. As a reflexologist I find it necessary to add energy or drain energy form the reflexive spot. I often find that along with tough tissue there is a sense of detachment and loss and that nothing has been done to fill the space. If the client seems willing I work with them on visualization and potentially some massage to the local area and teach them the reflexive spots so they can work on creating a balance. If the client does not feel receptive to this form of work, I focus on the energy or pulse of the reflex and visualize light filling the space, so the vacant energy is dispelled and balance can be restored in a more subtle way.

I find acupuncture a great addition as the acupuncturist will again work on restoring balance in the body and help distribute the energy that will be disrupted by the surgery. I'm always looking to refer a client, I understand my limitations and I love getting others views on the situation, often times they will see things that then trigger a deeper understanding for both the client, myself and the other practitioner.

here is an interesting article talking about organ removal as well as missing limbs with reflexology and quantum energy theory (I love quantum energy!)