BizJam Seattle 2008

Seattle's amazing networking group is hosting their 2008 conference today and tomorrow! What a delight to mingle with inspired business owners and get to practice my non-existent self promotional skills :D

Today's theme was Social Networking and I found myself overwhelmed by the second presentation. Fortunately I know how to combat that with my Super Reflexology Powers and I found myself, sitting in sessions working my hands and twirling my ankles.

Gently pinch your fingers from the base (web) all the way to the tips Reflexively this area corresponds to the neck, head and brain. In addition grab and squeeze each finger, don't go in order and that creates a meditative and soothing response if you are trying to be alert alternate your pattern to stimulate your brain.

Also the very tip of your fingers and toes is the actual brain reflex, if you find anything lumpy, painful or hard in these areas then some of your nerve pathways aren't working on all cylinders. Break those deposits up by gently rolling on them with your knuckle, pinching them or rolling them on a table or the floor.

Find yourself getting a bit of a head ache? gently pinch the "ouchy" spot in the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger. Also pull on your earlobe gently squeezing it as you pull and hold until pressure decreases. Make sure you are drinking water!

If it's at all possible slip off your shoes and spread your toes, this allows your shoulders to relax and reminds your body to continue breathing so you can stay awake and absorb more information! And my favorite gently do ankle circles (and wrist) to increase circulation and loosen the body before standing after sitting.

Have a great conference! You can also use these tips to stay awake and retain information in meetings, traffic and anywhere there is information to be absorbed, sorted and processed. I wish I would have know this in college!

I hope to meet more people tomorrow and continue practicing networking skills; someday maybe I will be able to convince myself I am not a shy introvert and people do actually want to know this information. Until then my Super Reflexology Powers will stay quietly hidden in West Seattle.