mid year review

Checking in with the year in review that I wrote in January to see how it matches what has happened and what looks to be coming up. You can read 2012 in review in it's entirety right here

So for me it truly has been the year of the Heirophant. We are only in June and i feel a bit like I have learned and re-learned about 3 million things.

The things I have been playing with the most so far this year are money: a complete and total re-evaluation of what I think about it, how I use it and how to get more. relationships: how to not fall into my trigger moments and snap, how to show up, and how to be more vulnerable have all been working me. And last business: what do I do vs what I want to be doing, how can I teach more, how can I expand without going into debt or panic, how do I create space.

January was the month of the lovers; a time and opportunity to find balance and make choices. I didn't feel like it was that choice driven but looking back on it 6 months later I made a HUGE choice around balance. I spent an entire week focusing on me at rally! Re-figuring out what do I like, what do I do for fun, how do I get healthy again after neglecting myself this much. That choice has lead to many amazing places and openings.

February I don't think I stepped into the chariot, but I certainly was lead through the whole month. After choosing to heal myself in January I spent most of the month of February continuing to follow those promptings and investigations. I made plans for vacation and watched a lot of movies and drew a lot in my book of me and figured a bunch of stuff out.

March that last line from the original reading is the bomb "focus on love instead of force" sums it up. I was super busy in my business, taught a class in Portland and managed to take a whole week away in the San Juan islands with my sweetie. Again a reflection and extension of the choice in January.

April I went to a second rally in and spent the majority of the time playing with faeries and tarot. This rally felt different than others as I was really able to sink in immediately. Like before I even stepped into the playground I was completely in rally brain. The hermit who was the energy of this month is about retreating in so you can shine out. I feel like this happened a lot. I have no idea how or when I will be ready to shine but I know it will be amazing.

May, I can't understand where may even went. And for good reason, being associated with the wheel of fortune this year which is all about cycles and change it is no wonder I spent the entire month trying to hang on to it and refusing to let it go. Lots happened, all of it too fast and bizarre and full of creative potential and wonder and a tiny bit of underlying "oh shit, how can I get off this ride"

Which brings us to June, who isn't over but is working. June has a double whammy of two cards that contemplate, gather information and make decisions. I totally feel the gathering part, maybe by the end some decisions will be made.

whats coming up:

July: If choice hasn't come by the end of June it will be forced upon us in July. Just choose something and change your mind later, forced choice is always a bad option.

August: surrender and structure, letting go of stuff and making new ways.

September: make a mess, play, learn new ways to learn and play at the game of life

October: choose to wake up and participate in your amazing life

November: it's time to move on, if you won't willingly change change will be forced upon you. and you can't complain of the results if you sat on your ass and did nothing.

December: you are so much more than you can even imagine. step into that and shine a bit. you don't have to stay here long but be willing to spend a few minutes each day shining.

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