curiosity sneaks up on you unawares. a quiet ticking of the clock that once noticed becomes loud and obnoxious and all consuming. she wears an odd assortment of colors and patterns as if she couldn't decide which one to choose, or if she deliberately decided on all of them.

she has focus and vision and the ability to zero in on the detailed and microscopic. once triggered she is hard to distract or lead away from the source of her attention.

curiosity often forgets to drink water and once she remembers often seemingly drinks non-stop before sated.

she will burn you up and start lighting little fires everywhere if you choose to ignore her. she does not like to be ignored.

often underestimated, curiosity has an extensive knowledge of many things. in essence she desires nothing more than to learn and explore.

curiosity adores thrift store, antique malls and forgotten alley ways. she finds the most interesting things in these places, discovers the most fabulous people and has the most stimulating conversations. having been to the places where 'everyone else' hangs out she prefers her slightly musty, dark and dusty nooks.

her home is a collection of vivid color, dusty artifacts, treasures, and mostly of things that found her and told her she must take them home with her.

this new category called 'qualities' is inspired by J. Ruth Gender who wrote a book called the book of qualities that the lovely Havi Brooks often reads aloud from in rally! they both inspired me to get to know the qualities on my terms and i want to share the journey with you!