compassion carries blankets, tea bags, chocolate and kleenex in her purse. She dresses in soft colors and textures. comfort and safety are her most trusted friends and she can call on them both to show up in an instant.

she never pushes. she allows.

compassion walks softly and blends in. you never really notice her unless you are looking for her.

she doesn't talk much but when she does her words are carefully thought out and poinent. some people get impatient with how long it may take her to respond and talk over her. this is very annoying to me as i always want to hear compassions stories.

compassion would prefer listening though, and she hates being put on the spot.

her home is full of soft pastel colors, comfy chairs and blankets. her vases are filled with flowers, treasures collected from walks, and tokens others have gifted her. she knows the story of each object. she has bowls full of fruit and grows an abundant garden of zucchini and snap peas that she leave on her neighbors door steps.

compassion has a lot of stones. she believes they hold the pain of the world and she arranges them in beautiful patterns.

someday you should make a concerted effort to listen to her stories and to follow in her foot steps. the world might just be saved if each of us spent one day in her grace.