discovery often carries a pick ax and always has a compass and swiss army knife on her person. she hates sitting still and being indoors for very long. when discovery was a child her parents could no longer handle her experiments and misdeeds and sent her to boarding school.

the school almost burned down when they locked her in her room as punishment for wandering off.

now they have learned, if left on her own, discovery does no harm. she is just inquisitive and fearless and wants to know everything at once and can't stand traditional ways of learning.

discovery loves to find amazing things like heart shaped islands, the first trillium of spring, and the hummingbirds nest.

all her clothes have many pockets. these pockets are filled with her findings. her walls are a series of shelves that hold tiny boxes and jars full of dirt, shells, yarn, stone, moss, gems and other bits and bobs.

be careful to check all her pockets before doing the laundry. maybe don't throw your clothes in the same load.

discovery has never understood it when people say "i can't" for if she ever encounters a place that seems impossible she has an amazing knack of being able to find another way to get it. obstacles don't discourage her.

discovery loves maps, charts, and staring up into the night sky. if she had one wish it would be to fly, if she had two it would be to be able to breathe underwater and her third wish would be for a spaceship.

discovery is best friends with possibility and probability, although sometimes probabilities numbers get in her way. 'who cares if it's statistically improbable, i will do it anyways' she is often heard shouting.

discovery likes to take the long way home.