vision and patience are roommates. they both adore spaces open to movement and flow, with treasures hanging from ceilings and cluttering shelves. tables get in the way.

vision gets lost-a lot. there is great irony or contradiction in this he realizes, but  it's because he sees so much, he cannot see where he is. unlike others, vision has no problems asking for directions but often detours off the path again when his eye is caught by something delightful.

loving to see see it all, vision soaks in color, texture and the macabre and loves them all equally, for they all have stunning visual quality he like to catalogue in his experience.

vision adores change, although he can stare at the same thing for years and always find new things to love about it. he stares at the sky in daylight imagining the stares peeking through the blue and wonders if there might be a way to turn it a bit more transparent for the idea of stars, clouds, birds and the patterns they would make with the constellations delights him.

vision takes care with his appearance. he has the amazing ability to not only pick out the exact right things for himself but also for anyone who asks. many believe vision should be a clothing designer but every piece would have to be unique and designed for the person who would wear it. the line would be too long and he would get bored doing the same thing every day. it's easiest just become his friend and go shopping together.

vision is too much a dreamer and vagabond to hold a traditional career. once he taught painting classes in france and wandered off to join a traveling cheese merchant, once he was a motivational speaker and half way through his tour he got lost on his way to the bus and joined a rock band.

vision wants to create the perfect space, wants to change the world, wants to create a spectacle and windowshop searching for the perfect gift for his roommate. vision doesn't want to miss anything, which makes it doubly perfect that patience is his companion.

vision has ideas, and a plan. so what if the plan changes 57 times on the way, that's all part of the vision.