every thing is all right


Everything Is All Right is almost invisible. No one ever really notices her. Well maybe they do at the last minute, but people rarely acknowledge her, however they feel strangely soothed having her around. When planning a party, or event-especially a wedding you should make sure to include her on your guest list. Everything will go better. Everything. Even if she can't come. Often times even when she is there you won't see or notice her as she prefers to hang out in corners and shadows and observe.

Of all the qualities Everything Is All Right is super sure of her mission in life: to gentle repeat over and over her name.

She doesn't expect others to notice her, to listen or to acknowledge her. She knows she has done her job well when someone passing by stops to gaze at the flowers, takes a deep breath or relaxes their shoulders.

If you want to find her she is often sitting on park benches or by fountains hanging out near beautiful things in highly populated areas. If you listen carefully under all the noise of life, traffic, and nature you can hear her whisper "Everything is all right." or some times she can be heard whispering "Every Thing Is Alright."


Oh how I have missed these visits with the Qualities!

These posts on qualities are inspired by J. Ruth Geller and her book of qualities that Havi reads from at rally! which you should totally go to, if you haven't already because they will change your life. I wish I could go to rally! every other month!