in a recent chat conversation my dear friend, the queen of the faeries, talked about pushing through her process and being on the other side of stress. i loved that expression and wanted to explore what the other side of stress looks like here in my world.

the other side of stress, according to amy!

  • deep breathing
  • body movement, a slight dance in everything
  • singing silly songs
  • working in the garden
  • clean counter tops
  • enjoying cooking everyday
  • sleeping at night
  • allowing breaks for reading or dancing or yoga
  • taking a daily walk with no intended purpose
  • not getting grumpy with chaos for walking all over my lap
  • allowing naps if necessary
  • eating fresh healthy food (ever notice how stress makes you eat french fries?)
  • not worrying about bills, or groceries, or anything as time has this expansive quality
  • everything including time, money, energy has this feeling of enough-ness
  • laughter come quickly and often
  • everything feels easier
  • awareness of space, and body and others
  • everything looks and feels a bit more magical

i kinda love it here on the other side of stress... i think this list need to be made into a poster so i can be reminded how much nicer it is on this side.

what is on your list?