falling into something new

falling into something new

so i fell into a job this summer and i disappeared out of this world here. i fell into a job this summer and i fell in love with really hard work, long hours, ridiculously early mornings followed by late nights into early mornings.

i fell into a job this summer and i fell back in love with my life, with the strange world i have created and the equally strange and amazing people i seem to be collecting.

that job was feeding the delightful, and quirky folks who make film.

i got to work on two films this summer. one a month long job on an indy film feeding them breakfast and snacks and the next on a web series pilot feeding them snacks and a main meal.

it was intense

it was sweaty

it was harder than i care to admit

and i loved every fucking second of the stress, chaos, panic that comes with making sure people are well fed and able to do their jobs without the brain fog and insulin crashes that can lead to making mistakes.

the only sad thing about falling into these jobs: i really missed it here. i missed being creative and helping people in other ways and i missed my garden and my cat and sitting still and watching the world because for 8 weeks i did nothing but move, and shop and move food, and chop things and clean things.

but i fucking LOVED it!

so i'm putting it out into the universe.

i loved feeding these people. i loved watching them create magic and talking to them and learning what they like and surprising them with it. i want to do more. i want to figure out how to better, to do this and make sure that i am also well taken care of. i want to this not abandon the rest of my life and the things that are important here, i think i might be addicted to the crazy hours and the buzz of stress, and that every single day is a brand new adventure.

things will be what they are but i'm letting the world know this was fun. i had moments where i didn't respond correctly and i could of done better but for the most part i really liked who i was in those 8 weeks and i was ridiculously happy to be working that hard and those really long  sometimes ridiculous hours.