Insights into processes

As you might be noticing the lights have gone a bit dark on barefoot phoenix, the blog hasn't been updated in months and the air in here needs a good bit of freshening up. The truth is I've had a bit of struggle at the beginning of the year and it lead to the taking of a second job that lead to shifts and openings and ideas, which in turn lead to the ability to take a breather from here.

Things might change and energy might be re-directed here. But I'm not going to force anything and am instead just going to enjoy the ride.

One of the best things about giving yourself space and time to process is when you do come back to a session you love you find new clues and ways in which you do things.

For instance, I found myself writing this to a client tonight after a tarot in your inbox session:

I read tarot in a very strange way and instead of telling you what you should do I like to leave bits of story and prompts and hints that lead you to a make a choice or wander down a path you might not have seen. Because you already have all the answers, you just have to have get a prompt in the right direction sometimes. The point is I dance around telling you the answer because the answer I got for you might be a bit off as it comes through my filter and knowledge bank and so I need to you to arrive there on your own.