types of tarot spreads


Some tarot spreads, because maybe you are interested...

celtic cross

celtic cross

Celtic Cross: Traditional spread used for clarity on specific issue or general 'what do I need to know' type readings

  1. the issue (middle partly covered card)

  2. crossing card adds to or obscures 1

  3. unconscious influences (bottom)

  4. conscious influences (left of #1)

  5. old patterns (right of #1)

  6. new patterns (top)

  7. self-in relation to the issue (bottom side row)

  8. outside help (next up side row)

  9. desires/denials (next up side row)

  10. outcome (top of side row)

wings spread

wings spread

The Flying Bird or Wings : all purpose spread

  1. here and now (bottom card)

  2. the resistance card (left of #1)

  3. response-ability to the fear (right of #1)

  4. the inner support of response-ability (intuitive guiding) (left of #2)

  5. the external support of response- ability (intelligent prompts) (right of #3)

  6. relaxation and acceptance (top left)

  7. arrival and new level of awareness (top right)

Connection Spread: for all your relationship questioners

connection spread

connection spread

  1. What do I feel about this person?

  2. What does this person give out to me?

  3. What am I not seeing about this person?

  4. What is possible between us?

  5. What blocks it?

  6. What can I do to help it?

  7. What will it look like if it happens?

  8. How will it affect other things in my life?

  9. What special thing do I need to know?

(top row left to right 1, 2, 3) (second row left to right 4,5,6) (row of two cards left to right 7, 8 ) (bottom card)

Conflict Spread: to get clarity and resolution to an issue

(no spread design just one or two cards for each question depending on what I am prompted to do by my guides and the cards-no picture featured)

  1. What is the origin of this conflict?

  2. What did I do?

  3. What did the other person do?

  4. How does this affect other things in my life?

  5. What will help?

  6. What do I need to know about it?

  7. What should I do right now?

birthday spread

birthday spread

Birthday Spread: yay! happy birthday!

  1. What was special about this past year? (top)

  2. What gifts came to me? (second row left card)

  3. What problems did I face? (second row right card)

  4. How did the year change me? (bottom left)

  5. What special gift will come to me in this year? (bottom middle)

  6. What should I do to celebrate? (bottom right)