on transformation



anytime you step into your life and begin some transformation you know things are going to get left in the dust.  for me this blog and to some extent this part of my business got set aside while a whirl wind opportunity swept me up and twirled me about. 4 months later i am finding  my stride and finally looking around to see what to save and what to toss.

like spring cleaning the whirl wind opportunities around me have given me some breathing space and allowed me to figure out what i love and need to leave behind in  my practice.

it has also showed me where some risks are needing to be taken.

i'm not quiet ready to share yet how things are changing. except to say expect things to be pretty different and full of awesome.

one thing i can share is that my hours have shifted, changed and settled. i tried for months to just be available whenever i could -- alas that has left me grumpy and exhausted so i have firmed up some boundaries.

fridays 10am-6pm

saturdays 10am-4pm

alternating sunday afternoons (ask when the next one is)

two weeknights 4:307 days will vary depending on who booked first