helper kittens

A post in images because what do you nee words for when you have kitties to tell the story. 

Chaos immerges the bushes while Cosmos watches on the new flagstone patio, they are testing the level of stones as well as how nice and warm they get in the sunshine.

My deck supervisors, reminding me to take a break, sip water and enjoy the sunshine. Every once in awhile I hear a chirp or a yowl-yawn as I wrestle blackberries, gangly roses and morning glory.

Dirty paws indicate a marvelous day full of productivity and possibly the undoing of everything I just tried to do. 

I can tell you nothing would get done in my garden if I did not have these girls to make sure I stayed on task. Being 17 these lovely ladies tend to stick closer to home now which make me happy seeing them peeking through deck railing or stalking me in the grass but also makes me yearn for the past when they would race and leap over fences and I'd have to go on evening cat hunts trying to get them to come in and stop chasing bugs.

You can see they also help me make sure my tarot reading are accurate and insightful and will often plonk down on a card that needs extra emphasis. 

My kitties remind me to wear my crown loud and proud and to use my voice and demand what i need. 

They are my snuggle companions and keep me sane. 

One of the new bad things they do is get on the kitchen counter and try to help me cook. while i enjoy the company and advice they offer i really need them to not have dirty paws on my cooking space. but they remind me of their advancing years and well i just don't have the heart to kick them off unless they are being really bad or are getting fur in the mix.