faeryamyart, energy

the art has started

faeryamyart, energy

so remember a month ago i had this crazy idea to do some insane amount of art to help shift the energy of 2012.

well September 1st the start date has passed and i forgot to tell you all that i am an art making fiend.

i have no idea what is working through me, nor what the heck i am creating or how many pieces i am creating or if/when these pieces will be available to view/purchase.

i am just a slave to the paint brush.

my task for now is to listen and so far i have got nothing but paint, color, draw.

lots of seeds, spirals and hearts showing up.

more soon with pictures, i promise :D

oh on a very cool side note, there are things a brewing here in west seattle. very cool and amazing new stuff is coming together in my brain. that asking thing i did the other day.... it is potentially a very scary manifesting tool that works in bizarrely cool ways.