OMG i almost missed Monday's wish

September intention was grace... i think or maybe ease. crap look at me fail all over myself. i choose Grace today... right now! and since it is the first official Monday of September may it be so!

how is grace supporting me?
well it is allowing me to laugh at myself over not knowing my intention, and it is bringing me delightful surprises and some non-delightful tummy aches (actually i'm not sure what the tummy aches are about)

how do i want grace to lighten my issues?
by reminding me i am perfectly ok
by letting clients fall into my awareness
by making my "new thing" feel expansive and easy

who or what is giving me energy?
zac efron and that cute dancing chick from hairspray (if i was a real person i would so look up her name i mean she got an oscar nod but no i am not)

what quality would i like to call in?
can money be a quality? cause more would be awesome right now with the whole October property taxes looming over me
ooh receiving---that would also be a good quality to call in cause then i could receive money, and friends, and random presents and hope and love... the things i could receive are endless

ok now you play in the comments! except that i am posting this ridiculously late... sorry. but you can still play!