dragging through and yet amazingly energetic and inspired... i feel at odds with myself.

how is Grace(my intention for Sept) supporting me? well it's helping me cope, it's pointing out moments of space, it's allowing me to say NO and to take better self care in stress.

how do i want Grace to lighten my issues this week? well i am having a money freak out and yet have been gifted the opportunity to teach again this weekend so money will follow in a bit... but it's feeling tight and i am feeling the extra pounds i have packed on this year. that may be due to my increase in working out or it could just be that i have finally looked at myself for the first time in 9 months, so i'd love some compassion and some hope that i can shed this emotional weight.

who or what is giving me energy? travel! i am traveling for work! and this is what i have always wanted and i am doing it and succeeding and having fun!
friends, tea and grapes harvested from my parents yard! amazing things those grapes!

what quality would i like to call in? i'd like to remember to take time to meditate. i know it's not a quality but it will give me calm, clarity, comfort, trust, love, epiphanies.

i'd also like to build in time to dance and move my beautiful body.

and a new thing i am adding and expecting the universe to provide a solution to within the week
my question for the week...
how can i shed these emotional/physical/mental burdens?