athlete's foot


I got a request for what can i do about my athlete's foot? It keep coming back...annoying! so here are some thoughts.

The main culprit in athlete's foot is moisture. Air drying between toes is very important as most people just jump out of the shower and put on socks without taking time to dry their feet. Use a hairdryer or sit down and towel dry between each toe manually.

You might need a drying agent in your shoes if your feet get really sweaty-baking soda or powder will do the trick.

If you can wash your shoes that might help kill any fungus in there or just drying them for a few minutes on high heat will kill the fungus. If your shoe are leather try an essential oil like lavender or tea tree, spray in in shoes and on feet and let it dry. You don't want to keep putting your feet in shoes that are infected so clean them up in some way.

Socks... make sure they breathe, that your feet have enough room in your shoes to breathe. Athlete's foot like warm, moist cramped dark spaces... give your feet some breathing space and watch it disappear. you might need to change socks for a bit to some with more wicking ability, or natural fiber like bamboo that are anti-fungal and naturally move water away from the body.