Toe Nail Fungus!

Yucky1 Here is my list of a tone of things I have collected as remedies over the past few years. I will keep updating it as I find more.

Foot soak

A)you can add tea tree, doesn't do much to get rid of it but protects you from the stuff.
B)add 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper to foot bath (do not use if High Blood Pressure)

Direct method
A)tea tree, red thyme and/or lavender directly to nail bed.
B)use a toothbrush and scrub nail with comet. Yeah the nasty cleaner for your bathtub. Once a day for a week.
C)This one has been recommended by several people, put Vic's vapor rub on toe nail and over the top where you trim and then put a band-aide over it. This suffocates the fungus. You need to do this for 3-6 months daily but it will go away.

Internal Method

Check out your bodies yeast levels at a naturopath. Toe fungus could indicate Candida or other digestive issues and an allergy to wheat, gluten, sugar, alcohol.

External Methods
Check your shoe size. Toe nail fungus takes forever to eliminate because it is under your toe nail and in the bed. Too short of shoe causes the nail to hit the end of the shoe and be pulled slightly up with every step which is how the fungus get in and sets up a nice home.

Make sure to completely dry your feet after each time they get wet. Use a hair drier for best results. This will also prevent athlete's foot from settling between your toes.