I'm moving to Ireland... sorry everyone but these people are on top of it! The people of Kinsale Ireland are determined to become energy independent by the year 2021 and have created this amazing proposal on how they are going to achieve it.

It is inspiring and also bring home how serious the issue is an how ignorant we are all being about this. For the most part this is not our fault, we don't decide where our food comes from, and or the price of an electric car, or for the most part where our president spends our taxes, but we can begin to be educated and try to make better choices that are less impacting to the earth.

So this all came about because I had place about 300 books on hold at the library, and 4 of them came in 3 on how to create a better environment, which lead me to again pick up the above article and begin to read it in ernest. I am floored at how little is being said or done. This is a crisis of epic proportions, the entire world economy is at risk, not to mention the health of the planet. And what are we worried about? I can't even begin to say how trivial it is.

The following is the website if you want to see a brief outline, you can download the longer version 55 pages and they ask a contribution to do it. Take a gander, be impressed by your fellow humans and start looking around you for solutions.