I just ate a Dove chocolate and the message inside told me to make a list of my dreams, which reminded me to actually post about Thursdays circle.

First we played with moon magic. Tonight, Sunday, is a full moon so we made three lists. First a list of things to release. On the full moon the moon is at it's greatest power, in the coming weeks it will shed it's light until 14 days from now it will be dark. In this time it is the perfect time to make a list of the things you need to release and burn or bury then so their hold on you can dissipate with the energy of the moon.

We also made two list to keep, one was of things you are thankful for in your life and one was of things you desire. The idea with this process is to do these two lists every 3-4 months and check to see if the things you are thankful for in your life were ever on your desire list. It is a sneaky way to keep track of your ability to manifest things in your life.

We drew cards from the Goddess deck and did brief intuitive reading for each other, stating only one word "hits" we got from looking at the card.

There was a brief talk about mythology, specifically origin mythology. I sent out a challenge to anyone who wanted to accept it to play with their ideas about the origin of the universe and humans. My intention behind this process is to develop a relationship with the way you view the world and it's stories. Some of us hold on to beliefs that no longer serve us but we don't realize we are holding on to them until we look deeper into ourselves and explore key issues. If there is conflict between the truth you are holding in your body (the one given to you growing up) and the belief you hold in your heart (the one you choose) there will be difficulties in making things happen in life. The conflict needs to be resolved and old beliefs need to be gently returned to family and society. If we know and understand how we believe the universe works, we can control the outcome of our daily existence a bit more. Spend some time journaling or collecting images about the way you believe the universe and humans came to be. This may take awhile to find all your stories. Then gently read or look through them and see if any are no longer authentic to who you are now. If so bless them and allow them leave.

Following this was a discussion of happiness. It seems to be my work right now to play with the idea of happiness and so I shared some of my insights. From all the articles and books I have been reading three things stood out most as to what made people happiest. Permission to fail, having the ability to take risks, follow dreams and know that there is a support system there to back you up seems key to me. Connection, specifically to other people and to nature. With out connection we are alone, how can there be happiness if there is no person or object of natural beauty to invoke, experience or participate with. Service if you find small ways to help other people, animals or the planet you are most likely a happier person.

We had a great discussion about these ideas and other thoughts were brought up by the group.

Last we played with manifestation. I had asked the group to bring something they were working on manifesting. We share challenges we had with choosing, scary manifestation stories that needed to be healed and read a great passage from the book Eat,Pray, Love about manifesting and having people spiritually sign your petition. We chatted while eating beautiful food and drinking tea and ripped pages out of magazines so that we could visually see the images or writing on a daily basis. For me, I have found that this daily bumping into the thing you are manifesting helps focus my energy and therefore manifest my desire in a more wholly formed way.

Last I left a suggestion for starting a journal solely devoted to Miracles, Blessings and Gratitude. Noticing the small everyday miracle, blessings and moments of gratitude can only serve to make you a happier person, more focused on the here and now , full of hope and waiting for the delight as you spot the next moment of small magic that enters your life daily.