i got to play with my new circle this week and wanted to do a quick update and do resource list so everyone can take advantage of what happened in group :D

we played with some questions:
*how do you currently use your home? would you like to change this in any way?
*use descriptive words to describe your home? are there any negatives in the list? if so is there a simple action you could take to transform that.
*if your home could tell a story about it's life what would it be?
*do you feel safe in your home? why or why not? is there any action you could take that would make you feel safer?
*imagine your favorite room in your home? feel how the energy is different here? is there anyway to take this energy through your entire home and would you want to?
*have you thought about ways to make your home more sustainable? what is one or more of the blocks keeping you from doing these actions? would a group or resources help?

we did a journey
start in your favorite room of your home. connect with the energy here. slowly imagine this room filling with golden light. when all the space of this room is filled with golden light walk around the rest of your home filling every nook and cranny with golden light. notice if there are any areas that are harder to do. do not judge just notice. when your entire home is filled with light extend this out into the surrounding area, take it only as far as you'd like one home over or several miles. now extend this energy up towards the sky and connect to divine energy allowing this to enter your home and continuously recharge and protect it. finally extend the energy down into the earth. noticing the condition of the earth surrounding your home and filling it with golden light, notice if there are any areas that need extra attention. gently work to connect heaven and earth with your home in the center of this divine golden light.

we did another journey
take 5 minutes to dream the big dream of your perfect home. explore color, texture, sound, plants, furniture, space, features and more. allow yourself to get carried away with all of the impossible and impractical things. get in touch with the small child that lives inside you and allow then to have a say in plotting your dream home.

now take another 5 minutes and write down and or draw all of these ideas.

are there any ways in which you can incorporate your dreams into your physical space? maybe a picture or a plant or a bit of cloth. ideally we want to begin to live each day and be reminded by the things that delight us and this will begin to change our reality so we can create and finance the bigger dreams.

for protection
this is a spell that works to protect your home from negative events and people, you can use this in a free standing house or in a condo/apartment.

in a jar with a screw on lid collect
dirt from the surrounding area, this anchors your home
something shiny, this attracts light
rusty bent nail, this repels negativity
assorted herbs of your choice, depending on the herbs these are for blessing, purifying or other qualities of your desire
new penny or coin, for abundance

bury all the above in the jar on your property. if you live in a condo or apartment bury the jar in a potted plant

one of the women in our group suggested this website as a tool to help you become more sustainable in your home. you can also register to be a Good Neighbor and let others know you care about the environment.