Becoming Visible


In my journey through the world as a self employed business person I have battled the resistance to be seen. In the last 2 months I have suffered from my reluctance and have finally taken steps to show up in the world.

Here's what I've been up to:

1. I got a website: phoenixbodywork.com
2. I put business cards at various places, coffee shops, my dentist, bookstores
3. I actually had conversations with people telling them what I do
4. I mailed my former clients cards, with an update and business cards and a promotional special.
5. I have given away several hours of time for free or severely reduced rates to encourage multiple visits.
6. I have stared at the computer for hours on end, read about 10 books, and wrote down all ideas I had and did something everyday, even if it was dropping off cards at the post
7. I advertised in a local woman's newsletter
8. I got information for the local natural health directory and have designed and ad

In essence I have been busting my bum for the past two months working through the emotional issues of "am I good enough" and "what if" and "but no body's calling". This week I am happy to report I got a random email form a person who found my card and a free session I did at Bastyr came to see me in my office. It works, it just takes time and patience.

Being visible isn't easy, it means I 'on' all the time and everyone I meet is a potential client. It makes me more accountable to myself and my future in this profession and it also drives me to open my heart a bit more and live a little louder, bolder, and more authentically in my power.