new stuff is brewing mwhaha

dracula hedgehog loves faeries so my facebook business page is a joke. i rarely ever update it and i kinda dislike it (and facebook but don't tell)

however my brilliant Ellen (who is so many things it's hard to describe) told me today i should take up a faery challenge and do 365 days of fae. one post a day. this will be fascinating and i can already see the downfalls, like posting in brazil but i am going to negotiate a way to fix that problem. the faeries are smart-they will find me a solution. anyways go be a fan! it will make me feel less like i am talking to myself.

since it's halloween this weekend-we are going to start SUNDAY. after all halloween in when the veils are thin and the dark sets in and what a delightfully challenging way to greet the transition into darkness.

don't forget if you want the faeries to talk to you for a whole year via post now is the time to sign up! a new round begins halloween!