here is amy ranting, move along

unless of coarse you have the need to hear me rant.  money we are compiling the list of lost things with dates and numbers and human memory...

seems home owners insurance is crap, UNLESS you know what you are doing. so people listen up!

go photograph your jewelry right now, even if, like me you have (had) mostly crap. cause those $10 necklaces add up. then check you policy and make sure you have it set for higher that $500.

have your wedding rings on a seperat thing cause that $500 we get has to cover all my missing stuff and our wedding rings. HAHAHAHAHA it's only money right...

at one point i was very zen about this break in... i am becoming more pissed by the second.

the cash that got taken... well it's funding someone else's life now and we don't get it back, not even half of it. but remember it's only money.

so yay here is amy venting so she can go be zen and keep practicing her thing and learn to let it go and yadda yadda yadda.

please learn from me. then you don't have to pretend and you can just go to and stay in the zen place.

get a video camera and document your whole bloody house. cause the stress of trying to remember after the fact or the pain of having to hire a forensic guy to prove you had stuff in the ashes of your home. well that sucks.

they always talk about this and no one does it cause it won't happen to them. well it does. take the hour and pull open all your drawer and video all your clothes and bookshelves and dvd's and cd's and office supplies and food and nick-nack-paddywacks.

tell me when you are done so i can give you a big gold star.

thank you for indulging my writing therapy, i can now see my 11 o'clock appointment without as much frustration and hopelessness.