leaving on a jet plane

the annoying thing about traveling on an airplane is the having to look images at all your objects as potential weapons dental floss = yes = what? = duh strangulation

knee high socks = ? = also potential for strangulation but more effort seems required as stretchiness happens

toothbrush =? = could jab at eyes, likely hood of breaking or loosing toothbrush in process high

pants/trousers/shirts/skirts = hmm= i think we are ok

book = well it is a hard back= but bludgeoning someone with it would suck, i'd rather use the flight attendants coffee pot

ok what other things do i have that i could inflict harm with?

why do we have to even ask this question? why is this an issue?  don't you think telling me i can use my pen to stab someone in the jugular vein might make me more likely to create violence? before it was just a pen, and sometimes it held my hair up, but never would i have seen it as a weapon (unless threatened with physical harm).

so the dental floss, and other weapons of the household variety get shoved in the checked case and the clothes and book come with me.

once i traveled to new zealand which is a nice long flight from seattle and i really wanted to learn to knit (oh the beauty of their yarns) so my dear friend offered to get me started--and then we thought about it and realized that there was no way in hell they were ever going to allow me anywhere near a plane with knitting needles and blunt scissors (this was 2002 or 3). so i still have yet to learn.

sometimes the price of protection, involves looking at the world in a very bleak way. it is no wonder it is so hard to reach out, to trust, to love. we have a lot of information telling us how horrible we are and making us think that someone might mix a bomb in their shampoo and toothpaste containers.

in my world i would not have to look at my dental floss as a weapon damnit!