Brasil! i got to go to Brasil! and visit with family and eat delicious food.

it was mango season! manga! manga! manga!

but the thing that is lingering-even longer than the stomach flu that attacked me on the plane ride home are the tiny little gnat bits that were acquired the 5th and 6th day of our 14 day adventure.

how can such minuscule bugs make life so painful in the moment and last so bloody long?

tiny little welts of blood. itchy for the first 3 days, so much so that shoe wearing is miserable and the only thing that helps is swimming in the ocean.

scabby little red dots now that i have been home just over a week and a half.

tiny little bugs make a lasting impression.

57 bites i acquired over a two and a half day trip to the beach. we were delighted to head for the mountains. not only for the cool evenings but at least with mosquitoes you can slap and them and feel slightly effective.

some tiny toes had 3 bites each. that my friends is just mean. mean! bad gnats!

more to come on adventures in Brasil but for now let me say South America is a completely forgotten continent and really if you live in North America you need to visit. it's a lot like magic.

and yes just to clarify i am technically spelling Brazil wrong above-but if the country whose name it is spells it Brasil-i kinda feel like i should too-especially now that i feel part of a family there.