some thoughts on tarot

i wrote this a million years ago and never did anything with it. since it is 50% tarot readings on thursdays i thought this might be a good time to post and remind you of the awesome power that is the tarot.

You might consider a tarot reading if you are:

  • Have problems deciding things.
  • Feel stuck
  • Feel uninspired and lethargic
  • Have too many conversations going on in your head
  • Feel like someone else is in-charge of your life
  • Need hope
  • Seeking clarity on issues, decisions or relationships
  • Need an interpreter to communicate with your spirit, soul and/or guides.

Getting Un-Stuck: I believe your soul is sending you daily messages to help you thrive in this world. We often miss those memos and end up in stressful situations. A tarot reading can connect you to your higher self and teach you to recognize the communications happening all around, everyday.

Life is made up of many, many stories: Tarot can help figure out the stories or patterns that are blocking your energy and creativity from flowing. I read Tarot in a very active and dynamic way and in every session I suggest activities that will help get you back on track to more fully engage in your life and live your dreams.

Action vs Reaction: Since the universe is always trying to communicate with you why not engage it on your terms?

Is clarity and direction worth paying for? Yes! One of the most unique things about a reading with me is that I want to engage you in your own life and to help you find the humor and light even in the darkest of situations. You will leave a session with me full of energy and ideas that can easily be put into action. I have often seen other readers who although were interesting what happened in the last hour, never lasted past the door. It is VITAL that you leave with a smile on your face and a handful of tools to make your life easier and more delightful.