full moon

it's time to shed.full moon the full moon reminds us to release those things we no longer need to take into the future, to lighten up, to shift and to embrace the cycles of growth and death.

this month i would love to shed my gym membership. i have come to realize this is a huge drain on my finances and a huge excuse to remain sedentary and fat. hello, irony. for me the gym represents large chunks of time i don't currently have, but instead of utilizing the 20 minutes i do have to exercise i put it off and make plans to go to the gym for a real workout. which never ever happens. so bye bye gym.

this month i am also shedding a need to micro manage my schedule. to embrace add-ons and impulse customers, those who cancel or book last minute. i also embrace the ability to find space for everything i desire to do. i do this willingly knowing that come this time next year i will no longer have to leap but can choose.

i am shedding my past relationship with my business and willing to leap blindly into this new awesomeness that has manifested. i want to have no expectations besides the willingness to learn and be delighted by everything it is bringing to me.

i am also trying to shed the 'should' and the desire to force things into being before they and i am ready to properly nurture them. i am willing to let them gestate and hang out in the shadow to gain more clarity and confidence. i am willing to stop should-ing on myself and others and to gently remind myself in moments of angst and panic that 'should' never made any situation any better. i will try to embrace love instead of should.

i am willing to engage the piece of me that is afraid of my fae nature and desires to "be normal'  to start conversations and to listen to both sides and not choose anything. i am willing to see everything and walk away knowing more but not having to act or change or whatever is there looming all yuckified.

i'd love to hear what you are shedding-tell me in the comments!