hello friends!

i am currently in Portlandia having my brain restructured and talking to faeries. yep, i've taken myself and my business on a week long retreat to try and figure out practical things and bigger things!

before i left i scheduled secret messages to be deposited on the blog. isn't technology wonderful!

faeries want to tell you that this weekend up until nov 1st the veils between this world and the bigger world are thin. so sit down and dream up some wishes, light a candle and whisper them into the veil to be picked up by faery or spirit or ancestors and planted in the garden of manifestation.

faeries also want to tell you that they are hosting a call. 11/11/11 at 11am PST really how could the faeries not hold a call at this time on that day?

go to this page, sign up in the box and we will email you the details and contact numbers upon our return from retreat!

now go make wishes and blow them out into the universe!

you can use the faery wishing tree here if you desire!

more conversations are probably happening right now so look forward to fridays and what the faeries had to tell me on retreat.