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a new feature on the blog! and you can ask me stuff too. nothing is off limits... well until you ask me something i have no idea about or is totally inappropriate :D but until then ask away! I have removed all names for privacy...

Howdy!  You don't know me but you taught my friend  in Oregon.  I've always had flat feet.  Im now 56 yrs old with arthritis with prolapsed feet, especially my left foot that now looks like bunion foot, with no irritation.  I only wear tennis shoes, and have for many years.  My left foot exterior ankle is in constant pain from the missalignment as it is continuing to prolapse inward.  Ive used many shock obsorbing inserts that have helped me continue walking as I was learning to live with arthritis. What shoes do you suggest? thanks for contacting me regarding shoes. Since I have not seen your feet I will give you what advice comes to mind and some simple suggestions to improve your feet.

Shoes: you are going to need some additional arch support while you learn to strengthen your feet. I recommend Keens as they have a nice wide toe box to accommodate any shifting your metatarsals have done (bunion) you will probably also need an additional full foot or arch support that can be put inside shoe to give additional support. I like Keens as they are still stylish but practical. Dansco and Merrill also have decent shoes. Crocs are ugly but will give you lots of comfort and spring.

To help with your arthritis soak in epsom salts, the high levels of magnesium in the salts are good for repairing damage and offer muscles pain relief. I also suggest applying Castor oil to your feet on a daily basis. Castor oil penetrates deep into the foot and reduces inflammation and swelling and also carries out old gunk and acts as a natural pain-reliever. It has also been shown to help reverse signs and symptoms of arthritis.

The most important thing for you to start doing is strengthening your feet and legs. You still have a long life ahead of you and I'd like to see you stay out of pain. Ankle circles are the best exercise for your foot and leg. Do them all the time, whenever you are sitting, do a few. You can also draw out each letter of the alphabet with each foot one or two times a day. We have to get you doing some inner thigh strengthening like gentle yoga or walking. this will help you remember to pull up the adductor (inner thigh) muscles which will pull up and strengthen the ankle which will then stop collapsing on you. It is a lot of work but you can get stronger and 15 minutes a day will help immensely. If you are overweight this is also causing foot deterioration as every additional pound translates to 10x that on each step-this is hard on the feets. Gently start with 20 minutes of ankle circles, feet spelling and walking and work up to longer periods so you can loose weight, if needed, and have stronger happier feet.

I hope these things help!

blessings! amy