amy! the barefoot phoenix
amy! the barefoot phoenix
wake up, wake up, wake up and live! fully, gloriously, and messily. eyes wide open, trying not to fall back asleep and into the status quo.


In it’s simplest form a tarot reading is you asking questions about things you need to know or get movement on and then pulling cards. I am here to help you interpret what the stories in the cards are trying to tell you or remind you.

I like to think that tarot reconnect us with our hidden secrets that need to be uncovered, beliefs we need to change, hidden superpowers we forgot we possessed and escape route we can’t see because they are hidden behind secret passages called reality and everyday life crap.

Tarot makes you the master spy of your life. Searching for clues, solving mysteries and making connections.


what am I going to get from this?

Some of the benefits clients have reported are sense of ease, clarity, confidence, clear direction.

Also sometimes confusion, facing past situations with new insight and confidence, and frustration.

What is most amazing for me as a reader, is seeing the tensions release from a persons posture. Even when they have to face up to the skeletons in the closet.

Watching the faces of clients, especially their eyes, when that moment of connection happens an all of a sudden they know. It like everything is clear and true and they have reconnected to the strongest pieces of themselves and invited them back in.

It’s the tears that leak silently from their eyes as the past is confronted and shed and watching them walk out the door with hope and confidence and so much love for self.

Tarot re-introduces you to your vulnerable, soulful state where everything is possible and solutions are probable.

A reading with a good reader, well it cracks you open and heals you.

i'm scared of the tarot...

That is a very valid feeling. I’m kind of scared of it too… it just knows things and WHOA!

Here is my take on the power and usefulness of tarot and how to make it not so scary. In reality tarot is a set of cards. People used to play games with the cards. In practicality tarot is a series of stories, some decks take that further and actually tell a myth with each suite of cards.

I use tarot as a source of connection to soul. In my experience there are two things that trigger our soul towards action: story and image. Tarot contains both.

So tarot is just an un-organized fairy tale. You are the author and your question is an outline and we use the cards to get information and set intentions to make our story more fun and easy.



more thoughts on tarot

I have so many questions…What’s coming up? What do I need to know? Should I stay or should I go? Are they the one for me? Why does this suck?

If you can’t figure out your question tell me a story of where you are now and where you want to be, what feels wrong and I will help you craft your questions.

A tarot reading can connect you to your higher self and teach you to recognize the universal communications happening all around.

Because communication is everywhere. And that is sometimes a problem. Reality, noise, twitter and the phone, stop us from hearing our soft quiet inner voice of wisdom.

I act as a translator for your intuitive voice, because sometimes our guides speak to us in a language we can’t yet recognize-or maybe just can’t hear because of all the internal voices of doom, or the incessant nattering of reality.