faeries on fridays #7

it's time for faeries of fridays, this week is all about adventures! grab your backpack and water bottle and let's go!

When did it happen that we stopped participating in life as if it was a grand adventure?

I think work did it. But then I think harder and realize, actually I escaped 'normal working environments' so for me it can't be work.

Maybe it's the bills. Having to sit down several times a month and organize your money (instead of pirate loot) and transfer things from one place to another (instead of digging up the money jar from under the tree or opening your piggy bank) so you can keep electricity and water is boring and draining.

Maybe it's driving. Instead of interacting with the natural world and seeing all the potential secret trails and pathways we zip along in a piece of metal that keeps us separate.

Whatever it is it is time to bring it back into the world.

The faeries would claim that choosing to see the activities in your life as an adventure might lead to insights and discoveries that will help not only get you out of your current ho humanness but also could spark spontaneous clue finding, leading you to places of magic and mystery.

p.s. I am beginning to discover that the entire point of at least most of these first posts is to reclaim your inner 5 year old.

This weeks image is by me. it was created at the april 2012 rally and is a by product of being asked the question 'where is the treasure?' one of the treasures lies in my brain and you can read more here

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