faeries on fridays #18

This week I challenge you to start seeing bits of the ugly again. Because if we ignore the ugly-we are also missing a lot of the beauty. For many months I took a walk through my neighborhood and on the way I would grab two of those doggy poop bags from the free dispenser by the entrance to the park. I'd put one over my hand and the other i'd fill with rubbish i found along my path.

It took me longer to walk and i wouldn't get as much aerobic exercise but not only would I  make the path a bit more lovely, I'd also see some the first blossoms or find the most beautiful fall leaves i might have just stamped on by.

I'm not asking for miracles, or for you to walk throught the roughest parts of town looking for the beauty, I'm just asking for you to see the shit-acknowledge it-and then walk on, or pick it up and throw it away.

Increasing the beauty by seeing and possibly transforming the rubbish of life.


betwixt and between got a face lift and is becoming more amazing every week. you might want to play before i decide to raise the prices.