all for funamydancing, health

dancing feet

all for funamydancing, health

one of my goals this year was to move my body more. due to various obstacles in life, in motivation and kitties on my lap that has been a tiny bit difficult to do. I have found myself dancing a bit more in my chair, much to the kitties annoyance, but getting up and flailing around has been elusive.

luckily my good friend Jill just opened a NIA studio within walking distance.

she opened while i was away in CA but after getting home transition i showed up and decided to commit fully. i bought the unlimited pass and since last week i have been dancing or doing yoga pretty much daily, sometimes twice a day.

i hurt.

i feel alive.

i can see in yoga the strength and control changing in just one week.

i hurt some more.

i cry a bit as stuck energy is released.

i worry less.

i eat less.

i walk there i stretch and dance and move and walk home.

i inhabit myself.

it is a strange new world, this body of mine.

Jill is having free classes this weekend for opening and you should come dance or stretch with me!

where ever you are do a little dance for me!