faeries on fridays #15

"When the rain returns to the earth it brings with it the things of the air" Paulo Coehlo in Aleph I love that image, that blending of three elements, that sharing of information, the play and inter play it brings to my mind.

What I imagine is tiny raindrop splatting on the ground and then chatting to it's earthly neighbors about all the secrets and gossip happening in the sky. For the earth secretly longs to jump high up into the air and float about taking it all in. As the air desires to be more stable and firm. While water passes between the two, sometimes being solid and huge like the ocean and sometimes being invisible or wispy like a cloud. Earth and air meet and sometimes earth gets to be big and tall like a mountain and sometimes air gets to be deep and more solid like in a cave but never do they really get to interact like water.

Water is amazing. Life giving, changeable and able to flow and erode even the strongest things, able to be microscopic or huge like the ocean.