Interview on Empathy

I responded to an article request on Empathy and here is the whole article:
Do you feel what I feel?

and an excerpt: article by Kathy Gruver

By now, some of you will recognize yourself in these descriptions. Learning to feel without taking on too much is a skill that takes some practice. You certainly don’t want to suffer or have to leave society because you’re so overloaded. I consulted numerous practitioners and other resources to find ways to control and enhance this energy. Here are some of the answers I found:

  • Be choosy, stay away from “psychic vampires” who want to zap your energy and learn to put up an “energetic shield.”
  • Donna Eden in her Energy Healing videos suggests zipping up your energy like a coat and locking it by placing your tongue behind your top teeth.
  • Marci Wolcott suggests visualizing cords at the bottom of your feet attaching you to earth. She also imagines golden cuffs at her wrists that stop the energy from traveling further.
  • Watch your diet. A vegetarian diet can leave some people untethered. Meat can help ground you.
  • Engage in a spiritual discipline, such as meditation or prayer. Chakra work was recommended by several practitioners for strengthening spirit.
  • Amy Goetz, a bodyworker, imagines gold light filling her body and does slow breathing.
  • Some people rely on crystals for protection, such as boji stones or quartz crystals.
  • Find a teacher, mentor or guide. Speak with others who have developed this skill. The Internet is a great resource for these connections.
  • Spend time in nature. Let the trees or the earth take the excess.
  • Respect yourself. If you need a break, take the time to recharge, whether with a massage or a long walk.
  • Learn energy work. After I learned reiki, I was less apt to take a client’s physical pain, but still able to instinctively find it on her body.
  • Take a break from too much negativity. Avoid the news, the newspaper and the needy neighbors for awhile, so you can rest.
  • Try to remain positive, and realize as hard as it is sometimes, this truly is a gift that can benefit others.

As you grow and mature as a healer and acquire a stronger sense of self, you will find that your empathy grows and changes as well. You’ll uncover a sharper sense of intuition and a better ability to shield yourself. As Reiki Master Eddie Rose says, “Every gift has its own purpose, and each gift is valuable. I am very thankful for it.” Accept your gift and share it generously with others!