in the light of the moon

Friday was a full moon and I had the pleasure of spending it in Port Townsend with my sister and brother in law and their wonderful 10 year old daughter.

As we returned home from dinner I was helping out by doing a little clean up. When I took back the cleaning supplies I looked over the horizon and saw the full moon rising. It was red and huge and breath taking.

I immediately ran into the house and got my husband and niece and we proceeded to run to the trampoline where we celebrated the joy of cycles and life and love by laughing loud and jumping high to catch glimpses of the rising moon. After a bit the others joined us in the magical moment, draw by the sounds of our delight and laughter.

I wish I had a picture, and yet I think it is something so magical that it could never be erased and a picture could never fully document the "everythingness"... the dew on the trampoline, how huge the moon felt and looked, the screaming laughter, the collision of bodies, the scratchiness of the surrounding grass, the slow and steady appearance of stars.

Enjoy this cycle of release. May you laugh long and loud and remember the magic.

blessed be.